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Burger King's Windows 7 whopper: 7 patties, 2,120 calories

10:20 AM on 10.22.2009 // Dale North

This is a real thing that is happening.

Burger King Japan's commerative burger for the release of the Microsoft Windows 7 operating system has...7 beef patties. They're really going to sell this thing, starting today, October 22nd. 

For the first 30 people to order, this monster will cost only 777 yen. For everyone else after that, the cost goes up to 1,450 yen ($15.89). Well, that and the cost of a good antacid. 

This big bastard weighs about 1.7 pounds, and the caloric intake on this is more than you should probably eat in a day, at 2,120 calories. 

[via Makoto Style]

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