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Candy ad comes under fire for controversial AKB48 kiss

1:00 PM on 04.23.2012 // Bob Muir

A recent ad for Pucchu candy featuring AKB48 has caught the eye of the Broadcasting Ethics and Program Improvement Organization, a Japanese broadcasting standards group. They claim the ad, which depicts members of AKB48 passing a piece of candy from mouth to mouth, is harmful because "the commercial may encourage homosexuality" and "oral flora." Out of 116 complaints received in March, the majority were about exposing minors to this commercial.

Another complaint stated that they "didn't want to see commercials like this," also noting that one of AKB48's music videos featuring girls hugging in their underwear was "very distasteful." A spokesperson for UHA Mikakuto Co, the makers of the candy, noted that they had received complaints, but that many people had also enjoyed the ad, no doubt because people seem to like anything AKB48 does.

It's kind of strange to even consider a girl-to-girl kiss "controversial," like there's something wrong with it. It's important to remember that despite many anime and manga containing LGBT themes or characters, there are many Japanese traditionalists still opposed to these actions, especially considering the fact that there Japan's elderly-to-youth ratio is much higher than other countries.

You can see the ad below, but note that despite only showing completely-dressed girls sweetly kissing, YouTube has put age restrictions on it. I have a feeling this is less about the dangers of oral flora and more about homophobia.

[Via Japan Today]

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