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CandyJapan: The Japanese candy subscription club

4:39 PM on 07.14.2011 // Dale North

I'm in love with Japanese candy. There's no measure for my love. In fact, I'm eating a soda-flavored Puccho right now! During my childhood in Japan I usually had one daily goal: To walk to the konbini and buy a bunch of sweets. I usually did. I still do that as often as I can. 

Sometimes I can't, and that's where this CandyJapan service comes in. The owner of the service moved to Japan, tried the candy and loved it. The CandyJapan service comes from wanting to share that candy with the world.

Every two weeks CandyJapan will select some surprise candy and mail it to you in a standard Japanese envelope. The costs? USD $23.95 or EUR 16.50€ a month (via Paypal) for two monthly envelopes. Shipping is included, which means the price is very reasonable.  

There will be variety and you will get to try all sorts of things only available in Japan. There will be some very cute packaging and some new delicious tastes, too. 

What a wonderful service! I love that you're getting some mystery candy -- that could be a lot of fun. Sign up here and start getting your candy!

[via Tofugu]

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