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Cat Girl Alliance gives you cats, girls and a little more

8:00 PM on 01.08.2010 // Brad Rice

Looking to get yourself a new ero-ge to keep you warm during these winter months? Well, give those girls from Ladies vs. Butlers a shock by playing the not-so-family-friendly Cat Girl Alliance. Instead of the normal writeup, let's just take a little walk through the game's promotional blurb.

It's a title of love, innocence, and discovery. Coming from our friends at JAST USA, Cat Girl Alliance runs for $35 over on their website. So why not join me as we take a stroll through the world of Cat Girl Alliance, where the cafeterias have a daily serving of sausage that goes down easy.

Oh, and by the way: the cat girls have penises.

I'm Eiji, an average transfer student just trying to fit in at my new college.

I'm glad to see the youth of Japan are actively pursuing higher education. 

I thought I'd make some friends by finding an after school club, but when I stumble on an orgy in progress in the health office,

Word of the wise, Eiji: the health office is one of the last places that you'd be looking for a club activity. I might suggest the Quad, the cafeteria or wherever else students might gather for social activities if you're really interested in clubs. The orgies in the health office are something that you should just ignore when you're trying to recover from a sports injury.

I can't help but watch as my futanari (hermaphrodite) class president Rumi and her slavishly devoted friend Natsuki get down and dirty right in front of me!

Well, you should probably give them their privacy. It's not nice to peek in on peoples' private time.

I go a bit too far and am discovered... but instead of facing expulsion I get invited to join the hedonistic world of their kinky afternoon delights

You're lucky that the school you're attending is such a progressive place. My school would've thrown me out had I stumbled upon two students having illicit relations in a public room. It was pretty bad of you to just stumble into the room and find two people having sex.

beginning a saga of 'training' that introduces me to a world of amazing fetishes I'd never known before.

See, this is what a college education is really about: exploring sexual fetishes you never knew anything about. At least for the otaku crowd it is. For many others, it's about exploring the number of ways you can combine alcohol with a variety of household materials.

Now, with all this in mind, I think it's time we tackle Cat Girl Alliance. After all, it sounds like it'd be a fun title right up along there with Sandwiched By My Wife and Her Sister. Who wants to see this sort of thing?

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