Catherine's Vincent speaks English in Troy Baker's voice

6:00 PM on 03.03.2011
Catherine's Vincent speaks English in Troy Baker's voice photo

In case the rock you've been living under has proved surprisingly difficult to dislodge, Atlus' sexy new horror-puzzler game Catherine has been confirmed for a Summer 2011 North American release.

From all the hype and the fact that the game's out in Japan already we know a fair bit (Well, Dale does, at least) about the gameplay, which leaves the quality of Atlus USA's localization as the key factor to be sorted out. And given how heavily the game is voiced, picking the right actors for the job is paramount.

And now, we know who at least one of those actors is. Troy Baker, who you may know as Kanji from Persona 4, Yuri from Tales of Vesperia, or Snow from Final Fantasy XIII.

If you ask me, I think the choice fits well. A few folks I know were nominating Steve Blum based on his connection with Vincent's Japanese voice actor Koichi Yamadera (they both played Spike Spiegel in Cowboy Bebop), but I personally can't separate Blum from his role as X-Men's Wolverine. And Vincent is definitely not the type to call anyone "bub".

That leaves the other two roles of Catherine and Katherine to be filled. Who shall it be? Which English-speaking voice actresses can step up to the plate with Kotono Mitsuishi (Excel Saga's Excel) and Miyuki Sawashiro (Durarara!!'s Celty)?

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