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Jul 24 // FireDuster

Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc - V episodes 1- 34 Opiniated Review

On the internet, I'd discovered that a new season of the popular "Yu-Gi-Oh!" series titled "Arc-V". Obviously, being one who was always hyped for the previous seasons (GX, 5D's and ZeXal) I was quite anxious to see how the la...
Jul 13 // Rank57

Mary's Blood screams their way into greatness with their newest song

The japanese music industry has rocked the world with a superb 2014, filled to the brim with awesome releases. Lots of new faces rising to the fame, and hidden stars finally shinning on the spotlight. Mary's Blood released t...
Jul 13 // Manchild

The Fear of Imports

The other day I had some friends over for a game. I've been going through my collection of video games and toys and purging whatever I can to make some money for bills and what not, and I've gotten down to the dregs; the last...
Jun 30 // alloygator

Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’

Dragon Ball Z is the nineteenth Japanese animated feature film based on Dragon ball series. It was released in theaters on 28 April, 2015. It is the first ever Japanese film to be screened in IMAX 3D and also received screeni...
Feb 27 // Sideshow

Rider Battle: Revival

Ok, couple things. 1. I'm not going to promise that this is going to be a weekly thing. I think we both know that's silly.2. To make sure I don't experiance burn out, I'm running this every two weeks.3. I'm slllllllllll...
Feb 27 // Sideshow

Power Rangers fan movie taken off the Morphin' Grid

It seems that the fan film, "Power/Rangers" has had more than it's five minutes of fame and just like clockwork the film has been removed from YouTube and Vimeo due to a copyright infringment. The film, a satirical dark...
Feb 27 // Gin san

Gintama Episode Marathon: Week 5

Well, I am back once again, wading through ice, snow and fallen limbs to bring you more Gintama. This week has the most I have done yet, so enjoy. Here's the new characters this week (I have categorized them for convenie...
Feb 24 // master anime

stupid auto correct

 I hate auto correct it messed up my review sorry if there are typos don't hate bros sorry :(  
Feb 24 // master anime

Attack on Titan review

In my opinion Attack on Titan was a good anime the ending was phanominal it is in my opinion that I could definitely watch a marathon of their it's stories line was decent so all in all its a good anime and I give Attack on Titan a 8 on the pedometer so input peace :)  
Feb 24 // master anime


Hey guys my name is master anime I will be trying to write reviews on anime so follow me guys to awsomeness  
Feb 15 // Gin san

Gintama Episode Marathon: Week 4

Well another week, another Gintama episode list, of which you'll notice there is substantially more than there has been lately. I really hope I can reach all of them before the new season starts, but I wanted to honestly...
Feb 08 // 24-Hour Tanishi

Thoughts on Kaiji Season 1

What first drew me to Kaiji was the art style. It just looked so different from other shows. After being launched down the rabbit-hole from the first episode I ended up watching the entire first season, and I learned th...
Feb 06 // 24-Hour Tanishi

The 5 Best Gags from Gaki No Tsukai's Hotel Man Special!!

  "Downtown No Gaki No Tsukai Ya Arahende!!" ("Gaki No Tsukai" for short) is a popular Japanes variety show, with a current main cast of 5 comedians: The older duo known as Downtown (Matsumoto Hitoshi and Hamada Mas...
Feb 04 // Spazzh20

Top ten movies I like that everyone else hates.

Have you ever enjoyed something but were compelled to keep it to yourself under fear of riddiclule?  As a self proclaimed film critic There are a lot of films that I enjoy that are genrally looked down on by the mas...
Feb 04 // 24-Hour Tanishi

The Dankest Imported Music: Fishmans - Long Season

Winter is hell for me. Not only does the cold weather and lack of sunlight make me constantly tired, but the dry air and temperature fluctuation make my sinuses swell up until I feel like my head is about to explode like...
Feb 02 // 24-Hour Tanishi

And then... THAT MAN appears! (An introduction)

Hello Japanator! I've been lurking the site for a while and decided to post some blog posts here for fun! I'm a veteran blogger that's posted on other sites under different pseudonyms, but I bever got the opportunity to...
Feb 01 // Dunem

Beautifully Screen Printed Gundam Wing Poster Art

Fresh from Bottleneck Gallery in NYC, check out this limited edition screen printed poster tribute to the Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz OVA. Each poster is 18" x 24", printed on pearlescent metallic paper. Wing Zero Custom ...
Feb 01 // Gin san

Gintama Episode Marathon: Week 3

    Well, I'm back for another week of Gintama. Finally back on Saturday( of the next week, but no matter), and just want say a little something.     I know that no one is necessarily going ...
Jan 23 // Red Veron

WeekENDING! - Early 2000s Edition

It's the end of the week, and one great way to end that week of work or school (or nothing for you NEETs out there) is with some good old anime endings. This week we're going to channel the late 90's/early 2000s where an...
Jan 19 // Red Veron

Dramataku Mini: SMILE

"Smile"Episode count: 11Broadcast date: April 17, 2009 to June 26, 2009Starring: Jun Matsumoto (Arashi member, Hana Yori Dango), Yui Aragaki (My Boss, My Hero; Ranma 1/2). Since it was Martin Luther King Jr day in the Un...
Jan 19 // Red Veron


OP SONG: "Ano Mori de Matteru" by BONJOUR SUZUKIFrom Yuri Kuma ArashiDirected by Kunihiko IkuharaStudio: SILVER LINKOriginal Air Date: January 5, 2015 Welcome to my (hopefully) weekly post featuring one of my favorite an...
Jan 18 // Gin san

Gintama Episode Marathon: Week 2

Back again with my ever increasingly misnamed "Saturday Gintama Rundown"!(Seriously, it will actually be out on Saturday next week.) Only eleven episodes this week due to busy-ness, more hopefully next week( I'd better i...
Jan 11 // Gin san

Gintama Episode Marathon: Week 1

I meant to get this up earlier, but no matter... Here we go! A short summary of every episode with a non-descript quote and some thoughts. But first, to start things off, here's the introduction straight from Volume One(...
Jan 10 // Gin san

Stop! Read this first....

If you couldn't tell from my alias, I like Gintama. In fact, unashamedly, I will say it is my favorite anime. I don't know if it's because of my weird sense of humor or that I share the protagonist's natural perm, it ju...
Jan 07 // confuseddalek

How Luffy and Kamina Saved My Life

Three years ago, I tried to kill myself. After multiple instances of shallow cuts upon my wrists, I was ready to go deeper, maybe the final time. My life was stuck at that point; A dead end janitorial job with a boss wh...
Oct 03 // Abradedlungs

( -_-)

Oh! umm yeah first blog! Yayy ! *sigh* ...yeah just wanted to fill that emptyness  at my profile! There is nothing particular that i wanted to share , just wanted to say Hi! .  .  .  .  .  .  . Nice to meet everyone! - [Abraded_lungs]
Oct 03 // Emanuel Barros


Hello! my name is Emanuel Barros, an 3D Artist from Porto/Portugal and i´m starting to do series of episodes about a dog (french bulldog) watching TV. :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LaKuqS7bL-M
Oct 01 // Mikeynikey

Hyrule Warriors Review

What do you get when the game scientists of Nintendo and Tecmo Koei combine The Legend of Zelda and Dynasty Warriors, and mix them together on the Wii U? Why you get the Dynasty of Zelda game everyone wanted!... Oh, wait...
Oct 01 // Mikeynikey

Review Show And Grading Score

Hi. I'm working on a new review show on this blog so I will be putting all of the my thoughts on games current and nostalgic. Some reviews will be accompanied with a video review so I can possibly give more visual feel t...

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