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Celebrate 15 years of FLOW with their special Go!!! music video

3:10 PM on 07.06.2017 // Red Veron


If you've been an anime fan for the past decade or longer, you may have probably seen Naruto and despite whatever you felt about the show, it had some great catchy opening songs that can at least get you in the mood for ninja action. FLOW, a popular Japanese band that has done plenty of pretty great anime opening songs is one of those that lent their talent to Naruto with the song "GO!!!" and its when they got their big break back in 2004.

FLOW is now celebrating their 15th Anniversary and has released a mini album "Fighting Dreamers" back in June 28, aptly named after the lyrics of "GO!!!", will feature songs from the band along and special version of "GO!!!". This new special version of "GO!!!" features popular voice actors singing in their character voice from shows that featured FLOW opening songs.

The music video of that song is below and it's pretty fun seeing clips of the band from their different music videos and concerts over the past decade and half! It's also fun trying to recognize the character voices of the actors just by ear.

“GO!!! ~15th Anniversary ver.~” features:


  • Junko Takeuchi「NARUTO」:as Naruto 3:14
  • Noriaki Sugiyama「NARUTO」:as Sasuke 3:17
  • Chie Nakamura「NARUTO」:as Sakura 3:21
  • Showtaro Morikubo「NARUTO」:as Shikamaru 3:59
  • Jun Fukuyama「Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion」:as Lelouch Lamperouge 3:35
  • Yuko Sanpei「Eureka seven」:as Renton Thurston 3:28
  • Kaori Nazuka「Eureka seven」:as Eureka 3:31
  • Toshiki Masuda「Samurai Flamenco」:as Masayoshi Hazama 3:42
  • Yuki Kaji「The Seven Deadly Sins」:as Meliodas 4:03
  • Toshiyuki Toyonaga「Durarara!! x2 Ketsu」:as Mikado Ryugamine 3:45
  • Kisho Taniyama (GRANRODEO) cameo appearance 3:56 


[Extra info via ANN]

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