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Check it -- Japan launches Nippon Rap Academy

10:00 AM on 12.29.2009 // Brad Rice

Want to be a master wordsmith along the lines of Flava Flav, Ice T, or even LL Cool J? Japan's got your back, yo, with the launch of the Nippon Rap Academy, set to kick it in the Spring of 2010. Who can possibly lead the Japanese into this world of kickass music? None other than YOU THE ROCK★.

That's right. YOU THE ROCK★.

With ten albums under his belt, spanning the 90's and the 00's, YTR has had a handful of singles, but I don't believe he's one of the grand masters of Japanese rap, unless Zac corrects me. YTR will be joined by a number of other rappers, including Hab I Scream, Darthreider and Rino Latina II, who will teach classes on the history of rap, music composition, style and appearance.

Check out the barebones website for yourself, if you'd like, and prepare for whatever humor might come out of this. My understanding of Japanese rap, or at least the mainstream stuff that I get a hold of, comes across as aping off the flashy style of American rap.

Then again, this school is planning to teach the 30-year history of the genre in Japan, so maybe they'll get down to what's real in the culture? We'll just have to see. I don't have high hopes, though.

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