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Check out the Tsukihime remake's new character art

5:30 PM on 12.13.2012 // Elliot Gay

New Tsukihime news? It's a miracle!

I know, I'm surprised too. How often is it that we actually get new news on Type Moon's upcoming Tsukihime visual novel remake?

Images have leaked of the brand new character designs, which I've included in the tiny gallery below. I'll be picking up the new issue of Type Moon Ace very soon, so I'll be sure to do a quick write-up of any interesting details. For the time being, I'll stare at these redesigns and count the days till we get a release date.

Out of everybody, I'm surprised by how much Ciel has changed, though I personally think it's for the better. Type Moon's artwork has improved a lot over the years, and if Mahou Tsukai no Yoru was any indication, we're in for a real visual treat when this Tsukihime remake eventually releases.

[via Akiba Hell]

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