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Check out this impressive Super Mario-themed kimono

7:00 PM on 02.08.2013 // Kristina Pino

Drool with me!

At this time, I'd like to divert your attention to this Super Mario Bros.-themed kimono, complete with a Power Star hair clip and cute little knitted Peach-inspired gloves. Perhaps most impressive is the lovely embroidered obi which features a Mario stage on its length and the title screen on the back, and is wrapped in a belt garnished with a Famicom controller. Major props to the person who made it.

This cutie-pie with the embroidered pink kimono and other Mario-related accents has my full attention. It's so creative! I like the blend of traditional dress and nerdy stuff without actually having to alter the kimono in any way that deviates from its regular form. 

[via Tiny Cartridge]

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Kristina Pino, Contributor
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Kristina is a freelance photographer and writer from Miami now moved to Japan. She's a hardcore nerd culture enthusiast, Disney fan, sunflower admirer, and book slinger. Tweet her @geekerydo. F... more   |   staff directory

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