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Cheers! Boston joins the Madoka Magica contract party

4:00 PM on 12.08.2012 // Salvador G Rodiles

Now that's something that we can all drink to.

I am proud of you, Aniplex, because you guys are putting the effort in going all out for the Madoka Magica double feature. And best of all, you are exceeding my expectations for your deadly contract spree. 

By exceeding, I mean that you are adding more cities to the month of January and February, which means that the showings are likely to go on beyond the month of December -- awesome job, Aniplex. Boston isn't the only city that's going to party in the ways of a Puella Magi, since Honolulu and Greensboro are joining in as well.

Make sure that you dress with class, and check out the showtimes in the section after the jump. If you are still waiting your city to get picked, then be sure to keep an eye on the showtimes at Madoka Magica USA

[via ANN]

Boston, MA: Brattle Theatre

1/10 Thursday 7:00 PM


Honolulu, HI: Doris Duke Theatre

2/27 Wednesday 4:00 PM

2/28 Thursday 4:00 PM


Greensboro, NC: Carousel Luxury Cinemas

1/5 Saturday 8:00 PM 

Salvador G Rodiles, Senior Editor
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