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Chinese Gundam rip off goes from fake to fug

11:00 PM on 02.01.2011 // Crystal White

First of all, bonus points if you know that fug is totes the new abbrevs for "fugly." Extra bonus points if you managed to read that sentence and understand it.

Ahh, the fake Chinese Gundam. Like most other Chinese knockoffs, the Chinese Gundam was a lame copycat of the original life-sized Gundam in Japan. Unsurprisingly, copyright owner Sotsu chose to sue Chengdu Floral Land amusement park for having stolen the likeness of the 59-foot-tall Gundam.

In order to avoid getting completely owned by Sotsu, the amusement park dismantled their lookalike and tried to wish away their mistakes. Now the hulking robot is back, and is more hideous than ever. The "Gundam" has been modified to barely resemble its first design, and instead now has several spikes, and armor-like additions, along with different joints and an even worse color scheme of yellow, red, black, blue, and orange. This thing looks like a colorblind kid got ahold of a box of crayons.

Of course now the robot statue bears a resemblance to the MS-07B Gouf, but we'll pretend we don't notice that. Now I think this thing's just an eyesore. This robot (or whatever you'd call it now) might as well be taken down entirely instead of pretending not to be a major rip off of all things Gundam in general. 

Hit the gallery to see the statue's ugly new incarnation. Yuck. 

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Crystal White,
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