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Comiket 78: Yui vs. Uiharu!

5:00 PM on 08.16.2010 // Ben Huber

So Comiket 78 has been pretty intense so far with a massive amount of people attending: 560,000!

But, that's nothing compared to what Canned Dogs mentioned earlier today. Apparently K-On's Yui and Railgun's Uiharu got into a very spirited discussion. A discussion that involved hitting and ripping each others clothes. While a group of spectators gathered, (thinking it was all an act) the two cosplayers went at it, eventually turning it into full 4 on 5 fight. The people watching only realized it was an actual fight after they noticed Yui's bloody nose and torn costume, at which point they stopped them. A cosplayer on the sidelines explained that this was apparently some type of faction war, which is the-- wait, what? There are Yui and Uiharu factions now? Sounds absurd, but I'm aligning myself with the Ladd Russo faction now. You know, just in case. Because nobody messes with Ladd Russo.

Also at C78: a 43-year-old guy accidentally crapped his pants and then apologized for it on 2ch. Just letting you know.

It's all from 2ch, so sure, it could be fake. But it's hilarious anyway!

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