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Conception is a game about making babies

4:00 PM on 10.27.2011

Josh Tolentino

Managing Editor

But you shouldn't mistake it for an educational game or an H-game, though I'd totally understand if you'd think a game called Conception: Please Have My Babies! was some kind of sex game. But it isn't, and is actually a totally legit RPG for the PSP, developed by the slightly off-kilter folks at Spike. Just look at the screenshots below for proof!

Its premise is certainly uncommon, though. You play as Itsuki, a lackadaisical high-schooler whose first cousin and childhood friend Mahiru just so happens to be expecting. As to who the lucky guy is, I'm pretty sure it's not Itsuki, or else things would be pretty weird. Even for Japan.

In any case, that seems to qualify the two for being summoned to the fantasy world of Gravania, where Itsuki must court and then conceive with a twelve nubile young maidens who conveniently correspond to various Zodiac signs.

These aren't normal children you'll be having, though. They're made through conveniently PG-friendly methods, involving Itsuki and his lady friend pouring their spirit essence into a magical thingamajig, and voila, magic babies! Then Itsuki must train up said children into fighting machines, and taking them on dungeon-crawling field trips.

I have to say that while I'm all for "take your children to work" days, I'm thinking that "killing monsters and saving the world" might be a bit...questionable as a safe experience.

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