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Contest! Win a slick T-shirt from Boomslank!

12:00 PM on 10.29.2012
Contest! Win a slick T-shirt from Boomslank! photo

Since it's almost Halloween, we think it's about time we gave you guys another little treat. This time we have an awesome giveaway from our friends over at The Boomslank brothers kicked off their awesome T-shirt business by first designing lovely wallpapers, this then turned into some amazing graphic tees printed on soft American Apparel shirts.

Personally, I'm usually not a fan of non Uniqlo anime T's, but these are just amazing. Each shirt features a slick graphic, of completely original artwork. Also, each design is quite limited, so looking fresh is never a problem. They even started making some really adorable iPhone cases.

I'm sure you are wondering what sick, twisted task I'm going to put you through for these? Hit the jump for details.


In the spirit of Halloween we want to see your awesome costumes! In the Disqus comments below, please upload your lovely images. Your twisted Japanator editors will make a selection next week and award 5 random T-Shirts to our readers.


The shirts we have are L or XL, so while ladies may enter the contest, these shirts may be a bit on the large side. Also, ONLY US CONTESTANTS MAY enter. I apologize to our international readers, but rule are rules! Now strike a pose, and get uploading!


Winners will be notified next week via their Disqus accounts. If you don't have an email registered, I can't get your info, and I'll keep your shirt for myself! So, make sure your account allows me to get ahold of you easily.


Also, make sure to hit up our awesome contest sponsors, and load up on Christmas gifts for me, before it's too late!



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