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Cool Picks: Mad Bull 34

5:00 PM on 04.01.2012 // MARC

Now that the kiddies are all asleep, let's talk about some real anime...

Mad Bull 34 is an anime that is better than every other anime. This is a fact. The sky is blue, children are starving in Africa, Hitler killed a lot of people and Mad Bull 34 is the greatest anime ever created. Simple as that.

For some baffling reason though, this is a rather unknown series, despite being chalk-full of everything that was great about 1990's explotative anime OVAs: sex, blood, gore, Manga Entertainment... as a matter of fact, Manga Entertainment busts out nothing but amazing anime, even though none of them are particularly good in any regard. In fact, "arguably every other anime released by Manga in this era is absolute garbage, but that wouldn't stop any of those shows from amazing their viewers on how ridiculously stupid, crass, unintelligible and radical these shows were. That said, it's also ridiculously easy to sell any anime fan on their terrible VHS releases. Here, check it out:

Mad Bull 34 is an anime about the NYPD. A dude gets his dick blown off by a shotgun 15 minutes into the first episode. Thank you, Manga Entertainment.

Okay, so the show's about a rookie cop named Daizaburo and his out-of-control partner nicknamed Mad Bull. They go around the city, fucking up thugs and banging prostitutes. THAT'S! IT!


So go ahead and thank me for finding you your new favorite anime of all-time, because any anime that came out before it, or even what'll come out in the future, will NEVER COMPARE!

In related news, I found this old video tape of mine, marked "MB34 AMV" marked on an old Magnavox label... I've uploaded it for you all to see... I notice that the other side of the tape says "Police Academy 4", so apologies if the tape cuts in and out.

So, uhhh, yeah. Why the hell haven't you gotten a copy of Mad Bull 34 yet?

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