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Corpse Party 2U coming to Japan in 2012, has a silly name

8:00 PM on 12.20.2011

Chris Walden

Associate Editor

It seems that even with the recent Japanese release of the Playstation Vita, we're still going to be seeing a steady stream of PSP releases moving into 2012. One such game is the recently announced Corpse Party 2U, which fortunately for those of us that aren't fond on silly naming, is a temporary title. 

This new instalment doesn't have a release date more specific than 'next year', but if you're budding for more Corpse Party festivities, remember that the sequel has yet to be localised. Here's hoping that the first game has been successful enough for XSEED to consider bringing the second game, and perhaps even the third, overseas. If that is something of interest to you, don't hesitate to pick up the first title on the Playstation Network! 

[via Siliconera]

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