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Cupmen hold your ramen closed, tell you when it's ready

12:00 PM on 06.08.2010 // Dale North

You know how when you try to replace the lid on your instant noodle cup it just kind of pops back open? That's just how it goes on the cheaper cups. Now, the big fancy UFO-style instant ramen has one of those fancy foil-ish tabs on one edge that does a better job of holding it down, but you still need some kind of weight (your chopsticks) to hold it closed to get proper even heat retention.

These little Cupmen do the work for you, and they make it look easy with their relaxed position. Made of silicone, they hold the lid down on your cup and the even change color with the heat, telling you when your noodles are ready to eat. 

The Cupmen series 2 come in three colors and go on sale June 10th for 840 yen. 

[via Spoon-tamago]

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