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Curl up with Kaworu and Kaji arm pillows

12:00 PM on 12.25.2012

Josh Totman


Cuddling was never so kawaii desu

Excuse me, ladies? Yes you. Have you ever wanted to be in the arms of the anime man of your dreams? If you answered yes, maybe, or even no, have I got something for you!

The good folks at Kotobukiya are here to help your dreams come true with Evangelion edition arm pillows. You can chose from quiet and pretty Kaworu or the manly and rugged Kaji. Each pillow cover, like a love pillow case, comes two sided so you can chose how your man looks while you lay in his arms.

These cases retail for 4,725 yen ($58) each. Now if Evangelion is not your thing, they do have Durarara and Fate/Zero ones for your pleasure.

[via ANN]

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