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Custom Delights: Catherine comes to life

11:24 AM on 02.16.2011

Ever since the very first videos about the Persona team game Catherine from Atlus, I have been trembling, frothing at the mouth, and unable to shut up about it. The demo was recently released on Japanese PSN, and it lived up to every bit of the hype, presenting bits of the story that just barely skim the surface and just enough gameplay to leave you wanting more. Clever, Atlus. We're ready for more!

Figure customizers must be hot for Catherine too, because I discovered a very good custom today of her pose on the game's promotional materials (see gallery). An account is required at fg site to see the page of the customizer who is working on this piece, but I have to say I will be tracking it closely until the finished product is shown. I can't wait -- it looks fantastic already, even with no paint. 

What do you think? Would you buy a figure of Catherine? I wonder if any companies are hard at work on a mass-produced figure of her...


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