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D'oh: No PS Vita price cut outside Japan yet

2:00 PM on 02.21.2013

Josh Tolentino

Managing Editor

Blame the economy!

Sorry, North Americans, it looks like you might want to wait a bit before shelling out for a spiffy new PS Vita to Remote-Play your PS4 games with. Sony Worldwide Studios honcho Shuhei Yoshida has stated that the price cut that just happened in Japan will not be happening in North America - not yet, at any rate. 

The reason for that, according to Yoshida, is pure economics. The price cut in Japan was spurred by currency exchange rates, particularly the weakening Yen. Generally speaking, weaker currencies tend to benefit export-based businesses, like car manufacturers, but hurt consumer-products businesses, like Nintendo and Sony.

Ah well. Maybe you could hope for the US dollar to get weaker?

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