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Dangan Ronpa TV anime adaptation its way next year

3:00 AM on 12.07.2012

Elliot Gay


I've spoken about the insanely odd PSP game, Dangan Ronpa, multiple times here at Japanator. It's a super cool Japanese adventure game about a group of students who get locked in a strange school as they're murdered one by one. It's got a great style, solid writing and a really interesting gameplay system that turns dialogue into a quasi-bullet hell shooter. It's the sort of game I'd love to see localized, but have long been holding my breath on.

It's not a localization, but a Dangan Ronpa TV anime has been announced. Helmed by Seiji Kishi (Persona 4, Devil Survivor 2), early information points toward the show adapting the first game rather than the second. If they can do the source material justice, folks are in for one hell of a ride.

Bring on the crazy!

[via Hachima]

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