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Dangan Ronpa TV anime gets a slick trailer

5:55 AM on 03.31.2013 // Elliot Gay

This is looking pretty awesome.

I'm impressed with how far Spike Chunsoft has managed to push their Dangan Ronpa franchise. A niche cross between an Ace Attorney game and a traditional Japanese adventure game, the Dangan Ronpa games have gained quite the following thanks to their interesting murder mystery stories, and huge group of fascinatingly odd characters. Unfortunately, the games have yet to receive an official translation of any kind, which makes the upcoming anime adaptation all the better for folks who want to dive in.

Thanks to this weekend's Anime Contents Expo in Tokyo, we now have some real footage of the show

Spoilers: it looks great.

Dangan Ronpa has a really special art style, and I'm glad that it's being preserved here. The whole thing looks just as quirky and twisted as the video game, and I can only hope that it maintains that level of polish all the way to the end.

Who's jazzed for some murder mystery action?

[via Jin]

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