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Dates set for first wedding at the Odaiba Gundam

11:00 AM on 08.24.2009 // Brad Rice

If you're in Japan and are looking for a wedding to crash, then tomorrow night at 8:45pm, one lucky couple is getting married at the Odaiba Gundam.

Yes, that's right. Someone is finally getting married at the Gundam. All joking aside, it's really happening. Believe it.

Apparently some 548 people applied to get married at the Gundam back in July, and this couple (not named) are the lucky winners -- at least the husband is. I'm sure the wife and her family are hanging their heads in shame. But at least it'll be a memorable experience, right?

Guys and gals: if your spouse was really into Gundam -- and I mean really into it -- would you indulge them and go through with a Gundam-themed wedding? And if s/he made you keep on Char Aznable's costume on, even while in bed that night, in order to "let the purge begin?"

Remember, you're getting married to this person one way or another.

Brad Rice, Founder
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