Dead or Alive 5 coming to Vita, now with pervert mode

5:00 PM on 12.25.2012 // Josh Tolentino

Touch to "fight"

Ah Tecmo Koei. What better - or at least, more characteristic - Christmas present could you give fans of Dead or Alive besides a healthy dose of cheesecake? 

Granted, the company's latest announcement wasn't necessarily meant as a present, but one could take it that way all the same. Vita owners, as well, have cause to rejoice, because Dead or Alive 5, the latest entry in the series that coined the term "jubbling" is coming to the PS Vita, as Dead or Alive 5 Plus

The "Plus" in the title, besides likely referring to the girls' measurements, also denotes the port's new, Vita-specific game mode, called "Touch Play". I prefer to call it "Pervert Mode", because it's a touch screen-centric game mode that requires players to turn their Vita sideways to play, fighting with strokes and taps instead of buttons. The gimmick here is that the perspective takes place from the first-person viewpoint, with the camera facing your opponent head-on.

Sounds strange, but harmless, right? That's what I thought, at first, but then I realized that that perspective is exactly the same as used in the Queen's Blade core game, and we know how pervy that stuff is. Considering how, er, fond the DoA girls are of short skirts and high-cut loincloths, what do you think you'd get a glimpse at if you ever knocked one of them down in first-person mode.

Yeah, that's what I thought. Pervert Mode.

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