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Despair, for you might never get another Sakura Wars

7:00 PM on 07.02.2010 // Josh Tolentino


An interview with NIS-America president Haru Akenaga on Siliconera noted that Sakura Wars: So Long, My Love (which I heartily recommended here) hasn't sold quite as well as expected. This might be pure speculation on my part, but for a game that niche, the expectations can't have been very high to begin with. VGChartz places rough sales estimates for the game at a shade above 75,000 units over both platforms (PS2 and Wii).

For a game that took NIS-America over two years to localize (more time than the original development period!), that's surely not a great return on investment.

Speaking insults on top of injuries, Akenaga mentioned another publisher's attempt to license Sakura Wars 1+2, a PSP port of the first two Sega Saturn games. SCEA apparently rejected the title, saying that it was "not a game", but a "text novel".

It wasn't said when this rejection took place, given that SCEA accepted NIS-America's own Disgaea Infinite, a game that - in this editor's opinion - is far more pure in its text novel-ty than Sakura Wars. Plus, you'd think that Sony would scramble for any games whatsoever to add to the PSP's lineup, considering how weak the platform's position is compared to its competitors'.

And it's not as if Sega is in any hurry to make more Sakura Wars games, either. After all, So Long, My Love was almost five years young upon its English release.

Ah well. Hope springs eternal, but it seems that those flames are now a little more faint. Enjoy what you got, fellow otaku, for you may never get its like again. My heartfelt thanks go out to NIS-America for taking the risk.


[Thanks to The-Excel for the tip!]

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