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Destructoid rocks 24 hours of games for Extra Life charity

11:47 AM on 10.17.2009 // Topher Cantler

Over at our sister site, Destructoid, the Miami crew is participating in Extra Life -- a 24-hour gaming marathon which will raise money to fund research for pediatric cancer. If you're a Dtoider, you probably remember SingSterling from last year, when Jim played a solid 12 hours of SingStar for the same cause.

We're at it again, and you can watch the antics via our live feed right over here. Feeling inspired by the nonsense you see taking place? You can help out by donating whatever you can spare. Just head here to drop your contribution in the bucket, and cross off your good deed for the day. Got a dollar? Every little bit helps, folks. 

You can also comment on the live feed, so if you'd like, you can drop into the chat for a while and chill with us while we watch the crew rock out.Any donations are welcome and appreciated, no matter how small. See you there!

Topher Cantler,
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