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Destructoid the Show set to premiere tonight

6:15 PM on 10.11.2010 // Tim Sheehy

Just a quick reminder -- Destructoid's very own Jonathan Holmes is hosting the premiere of Destructoid (the show), along with co-host Tara Long, over at in less than an hour. The show, being billed as having marginally relevant video game related content -- though, I'm sure there'll be quite a bit of it -- will air every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from here on out.

I know they've been hard at work booking surprise guests, community members, industry professionals, and more, so I'm sure it'll be totally awesome, and well worth 12 minutes of your time. In the meantime, feel free to check out a trailer here -- assuming the dust has cleared.

[Latest Update: The Destructoid Show is up! Check it out by clicking here.]

Tim Sheehy, Contributor
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