Digital Manga's Kindle publishing suspended

9:00 AM on 03.16.2012

[Update: DM just announced via their official twitter that their Kindle account has been reinstated today. They thank fans for their help in accomplishing this goal.]

Digital Manga announced last Thursday via their official blog that their Kindle publishing account has been suspended due to content violations. According to the post, the company had been struggling for quite sometime with adhering to Kindle's restrictive and often vague publishing guidelines.

On the basis that Amazon strictly prohibits pornography and materials that depict graphic sexual acts, many of DM's yaoi novels have been pulled in the past. Given that the company continues to carry boatloads of fairly suggestive heterosexual romance novels, many readers can't help but to be a little puzzled by Amazon's actions.

The folks at Digital Manga tell us that they are currently working on restoring their account. In the meantime, you may read some of their titles via emanga, Nook, and the DMP app for Apple products and Android tablets. The company is also pursuing the possibility of making their content available through other platforms.

[Via Digital Manga]


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