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Disappearance of Haruhi character sketches revealed!

8:00 PM on 12.01.2009

With the Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya film just over two months away, fans are on the prowl for any related news or announcements. Unfortunately, there's still no word on a full-length trailer. However, as a consolation prize, character design sketches have surfaced which show the SOS Brigade clad in winter gear. They can be viewed in the gallery below.

The definite highlight here (for me, at least) is the return of Ryoko Asakura, my favorite character from the original series. Her stylish overcoat and scarf ensemble easily melts my heart, especially since her psychotic knife-wielding tendencies no longer threaten to stab it. Also of interest is Haruhi sporting long hair, and Mikuru dressed in a very moe miniskirt Santa costume. Even Kyon gets a costume change, bundled up in a heavy coat and scarf. However, Yuki and Itsuki are just as monotonous and boring as ever. Oh well... at least Yuki has her glasses again.

I'm fairly impressed by these character designs. Hopefully, they are an indication that KyoAni is moving away from the K-On! art style that plagued the second season. Bring on the trailer, Kadokawa!

[Via Cartoon Leap]

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