Discotek Media licenses Gunbuster 2: Diebuster

9:00 AM on 01.08.2013 // Pedro Cortes

Prepare for hot blood and manly tears

Long time readers may remember that I reviewed Diebuster a couple years back. I fellated the show, and with good reason. It's one of my favorite OVAs, only topped by it's predecessor, Gunbuster. The only problem is that it's a fairly pricey show, considering that it was licensed by Bandai Visual USA. You'd have to pay at least $20 for a single DVD with two episodes on it, more if you couldn't find it on sale. While I feel that the product is absolutely worth the scratch, I understand why most people would balk at that price.

Well, worry no longer. Discotek Media has announced on their Facebook page that they've picked up the rights to release the mecha classic in a collected set. The sub-only set will be coming out May 21, 2013. According to a comment in the photo thread, Discotek is aiming for a retail price of $29.95. At that price, I might re-buy the series if the packaging looks nice enough!

Anybody going to grab this now that it's affordable? $29.95 retail is stupid cheap for something like Diebuster and you know that a couple of places will have this on sale.

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