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DMP acquires 2 new Hideyuki Kikuchi titles, plus contest for Vampire Hunter D pre-order

7:00 PM on 04.03.2009 // Eva Duenas

If you're a fan of Hideyuki Kikuchi work, the person behind Vampire Hunter D and Wicked City, then you'll love this bit of news. Digital Manga Publishing announced that they have will be releasing two great titles by Hideyuki: Yashakiden: The Demon Princess and Taimashin: The Red Spider Exorcist. According to Hideyuki, he believes this is one of the best novels he has ever written and always wanted it to be published stateside. Yashakiden: The Demon Princess is a novel that takes place in the same universe the animated Wicket City series, where Demon City Shinjuku is involved. You can see a preview of the novel here.

Taimashin: The Red Spider Exorcist was another novel that he wrote, except that it was adapted into a manga series. The manga is based upon the original story and is drawn by the Korean artist Shin Yong-Gwan. The story is about a demon-hunter that goes back and forth from both the living and dead worlds. The demon-hunter is doing this because he's trying to save the lost souls that were taken by the evil spirits from the underworld. You can also view a preview of the manga here. Both titles are set to be released in December 2009.

However, the good news doesn't stop there. The next volume of the Vampire Hunter D manga will be released in May 2009 and Digital Manga Publushing is running a contest for those who pre-order it. Here is the list of the prizes:

  • Saiko Takaki and Hideyuki Kikuchi autographed Vampire Hunter D 4"x11" illustration card-(10) prizes
  • Hideyuki Kikuchi autographed softcover Vampire Hunter D Vol. 1 novel-(5) prizes
  • Hideyuki Kikuchi autographed limited hardcover Vampire Hunter D vol. 1 novel-(5) prizes
  • Saiko Takaki autographed Vampire Hunter D vol. 1 manga-(5) prizes
  • Vampire Hunter D vol. 1 manga Japanese edition-(5) prizes
  • Vampire Hunter D vol. 2 manga Japanese edition-(5) prizes
  • Hideyuki Kikuchi and Saiko Takaki autographed Vampire Hunter D vol. 1 poster-(3) prizes
  • Hideyuki Kikuchi and Saiko Takaki autographed Vampire Hunter D vol. 2 poster-(3) prizes
Along with all those prizes, there is also a grand prize -- Hideyuki Kikuchi and Saiko Takaki autographed shikishi with a sketch of D by Takaki. If you're curious to see what all of these great prizes look like, you can see pictures of them here. The last day to be entered into this contest is April 16th. If you love this series, you better hurry up and pre-order your copy soon!

Eva Duenas,
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