Docomo's NERV smartphone captures the Evangelion feel

11:00 AM on 05.21.2012 // Josh Tolentino

And that's both in the "It looks like it could be in the next Rebuild movie," sense, as well as the "Evangelion is merchandising incarnate so why the hell not a sweet phone" sense. That latter sense is the one most likely to ensure that docomo's new Evangelion smartphone (based on Sharp's Aquos SH-06D) will end up conspicuously placed in someone's had during Evangelion 3.0, whenever that hits screens.

Still, I think it looks great. The outer case of the SH-06D NERV (its actual model name) resembles one of the skyscraper-sized weapon lockers that house Eva-scaled guns in the series, and the Android-based interface would not look out of place if it were plastered on a 500-foot-wide holo screen being stared at impassively by Commander Ikari himself.

The stark amber, red, and green color scheme makes the UI stand out from the rest of the mobile world's Metros, iOS's and Ice Cream Sandwiches, and the phone also comes with "Magi", a glasses-free 3D launcher menu. It even displays in that particular font the show uses that made everything seem somehow more dramatic and urgent whenever it was used. The only thing that would make it more Evangelion would be if it had exactly 5 minutes of battery capacity. That, or if it were shaped like Rei and had blue hair and knew your mother.

That is one sweet phone that I will never have, since the damn thing is exclusive to Japan, and limited to thirty thousand units. Well, I'm sure some intrepid souls will at least come up with an Android UI hack that will duplicate the look, at least. I hope.

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Josh Tolentino, Managing Editor
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