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Dragon Quest 7 coming to 3DS

7:41 AM on 10.30.2012 // Eric Koziol

It's the seventh Dragon Quest!

It is finally announced: Dragon Quest VII is going to be hitting the 3DS in Japan February 2013! I have been waiting for a portable version of this for quite some time! (No, the PS1 version is not available on PSN even in Japan!)

The scan shows mostly character art but if you look closely at the battle screen it seems as if the characters will show up this time and their outfits change based on their classes. Dragon Quest VII has a lot of classes, so it'll be neat to see how this aspect turns out.

Also from the scan we can tell that this is not simply a port but very likely a full 3D remake. Dragon Quest VII always got a bit of criticism for its looks, so this should be a welcome change for many players. Of course since it is on the 3DS there will be Street Pass functionality. It seems that there is a new character who is going to be related to this aspect.

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