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Dragon Quest for girls is unsurprisingly pink

2:00 PM on 08.13.2010 // Crystal White

You have to admit, Dragon Quest's various colored slimes sure are cute, so maybe you'd wonder (or rather, I wonder), why there hasn't been an attempt to really market this franchise towards girls before. Behold! Pink slime! Now tween girls all over can enjoy their Dragon Quest just as much as the boys.

Square-Enix and Parco, a Japanese clothing outlet are teaming up to provide cute fashion for young female fans of the Dragon Quest series. The clothing line will be called Dragon Quest for Girls + Artist, with artist referencing the young artists who designed the garments. Parco will have this new fashion line on display in their Shibuya location from August 12-23. However, if you're not in the area, you can also visit the clothing line's site, as long as your okay with navigating in Japanese.

If you know a girl who loves pink and of course, slime, then these are exactly the fangirl shirts she'd want! Though personally, I think you'd also have to be around twelve years old to really enjoy it. If you're going to buy this, do so for your little sister, niece, or kid, because I have a feeling your 20-30-something girlfriend might not want to wear it. 

And as much as I love cute slimes, I'm not going to wear it. 

Crystal White,
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