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DVD Review: Ah My Goddess: Flights of Fancy

10:17 AM on 05.10.2007 // Brad Rice

Man, am I sucker for romantic comedies. So, what I got in the mail was the start of the second season of Ah My Goddess, a series which I haven't watched the first season of. So naturally, I'm the perfect person to review it! In all seriousness, though, this is a decent series. What I'm reviewing here is a sweet little romantic comedy that got me interested in watching the first season of the show. The premise is such: Keiichi Morisato, when going to call his sempai, ended up calling a "Goddess Help Line" when he was in over his head with work. He then gets a goddess, Belldandy, who is supposed to stay with him forever. Comedy naturally ensues when you've now got a goddess living with you. The series, from what I've watched, is a lot more sweet than something like School Rumble or Genshiken, as it focuses on only one relationship and more on how it develops than constantly throwing other girls at Keiichi. Unless that's something that I've missed from not watching most of the series... The animation for the series is of good quality -- it's done by AIC (Tenchi in Tokyo, AD Police), but nothing that makes it a really unique style; it's just solid animation. The series is very colorful, and so it kept my interest on the screen. The voice acting for the cast is the same as the original, so no surprise there if you've already watched the first season. I didn't particularly like some of the voice actors, as I felt they were overacting a bit, but by the third episode I didn't really notice anything grating. Nothing extremely memorable, but at least the voice actors seem honest, and the lines don't come out all stilted and forced. If you're a romantic comedy fan, then I'd say try out the first volume or two of the first season (licensed by Geneon, while this one is by ADV). I wouldn't reccommend this series to those who aren't already fans of shows like Midori Days, Love Hina, or Tenchi Muyo. If you are a fan, though, go ahead and grab Ah My Goddess and its second season, Flights of Fancy.

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