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Eat like Luffy at the One Piece restaurant

3:00 PM on 12.07.2010 // Bob Muir

Seems like at least half of the title pages in the One Piece manga depict Luffy and his crewmates chowing down and enjoying a hearty meal. It's a very European attitude towards the importance of mixing food and family, when you think about it. But my point is that manga artist Eichiro Oda makes it all look so delicious, I get hungry before I get to the first page of the story.

Now you can eat some of the food that Luffy and friends eat at a new restaurant owned by Fuji Television called the Ginza Marche. Located in Akihabara, Akiba Concierge reports that you can order meat with a bone in it like Luffy always chews on, Sanji's cheap soup, and a fruity dessert that is a tribute to Nami. The restaurant is decked out to look like the Strawhats' dearly departed first ship, the Going Merry.

As is the nature of these things, being awesome and all, the restaurant will only be around for a limited time, starting from today, December 7, to December 15. Reserving tickets is required, due to the expected popularity of the restaurant. Anyone thinking of getting a quick plane ticket to Japan and trying to get a spot?

Bob Muir, Contributor
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