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Ending complete: Madoka's third film gets a premiere date

4:00 PM on 02.23.2013

Salvador GRodiles

Senior Editor

The Puella Magi movie trilogy comes to an end.

As Kyubey's massive contract spree comes to a close, a new listing appears in the form of the ultimate closure for becoming a Puella Magi. In accordance to this new piece of information, the final part of the Madoka Magica movie trilogy is coming to Japanese theaters during the summer of 2013. 

The best part is that we are going to be in for a treat, since Shaft is using their special creativity to shove original movie quality animation into our eyes. 

If Aniplex is thinking what I'm thinking, their contract with Kyubey has yet to be complete, so there's a chance that might air the final movie in certain theaters across the US. Of course, the same could apply to the hard working people that showed the first two movies in the other selected regions of the world. 

For now, the premise of Madoka Magica the Movie Part III: Rebellion remains unknown, but knowing how these things work, the contract will become more clear during the next few months. Once summer is around the corner, let's give our wish to Kyubey, so that we can all experience the final movie in theaters as well. 

[via Crunchyroll, image by uousa]

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