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Enjoy this Dragon Quest 7 promotional video

5:20 AM on 12.14.2012 // Eric Koziol

Enjoy it, I tell you

This is beautiful. Take a moment to cherish those battle graphics. Just look at those sheep run into the enemies! Not to mention the music! What a great way to update such a wonderful game. Dragon Quest 7 will be coming out for the 3DS in Japan on February 7th, and will be going into my 3DS as soon as humanly possible. Be ready for more details and impressions as they come.

Nothing has been said about a US release, but would you want one? Did you already play DQ7 on the PS1 and the thought of going through this hundred plus hour game again frighten you? Or can you not wait to hit it up again and take this long, wonderful ride once more?

Eric Koziol, Contributor
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Eric lives in Japan with his wife, son and a level 6 slime named Periwinkle. He enjoys the "3 T's": teaching, translating and tprogramming. His sense of humor can be confused for typographical errors. more   |   staff directory

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