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Etrian Odyssey IV is getting localized!

9:00 AM on 10.04.2012
Etrian Odyssey IV is getting localized!  photo

The fourth game in the Etrian Odyssey series came out in Japan right at the start of summer. Now Atlus has announced that it is coming to North America in early 2013 with the subtitle Legends of the Titan.

Having put a few hours into the game I can say it is really, really nice. The new casual mode really helped someone like me who really enjoyed the series but never found the gumption to beat any of the previous titles. On top of all that everything that I liked about the previous games was still there. The beautiful environments, great looking characters and awesome music are all intact. Some seemed bummed that the music is now orchestrated instead of FM synth, but I still find it enjoyable.

It also didn't hurt that the 3D effect was well done and the animations on the monsters looked great too. EOIV is a solid title and I'm really glad to hear that it is getting localized.

Check out more at the official site:

Etrian Odyssey IV is getting localized!  photo
Etrian Odyssey IV is getting localized!  photo
Etrian Odyssey IV is getting localized!  photo
Etrian Odyssey IV is getting localized!  photo
Etrian Odyssey IV is getting localized!  photo
Etrian Odyssey IV is getting localized!  photo

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