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Evacuate! Flonnezilla attacks Disgaea D2's new trailer

1:35 AM on 02.22.2013

Today must be my lucky day, because fate is rewarding me with a brand spanking new for Disgaea Dimensions 2 that gives full motion to delightful new feature that will make your visit to Hell a blast -- it also includes Prinnyback Riding.

Most of you remember Flonne's Flonnezilla attack from the various NIS game that she has made a cameo in, right? Well, today marks one of the few times where Flonne will use her kaiju skills in a story that she actually plays a major role in -- Fronjira! 

Once again, I take back my concerns over Disgaea D2, since NIS is giving it their all in Laharl's next adventure. That said, I shall wait for Disgaea Dimensions 2 to complete its long trip to North American shores. So until then, I will continue to drool over the chaotic sprite animations present in Disgaea D2's trailer. 

[via Destructoid]

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