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Eww! Old people sex films!

8:34 AM on 06.19.2008 // Dale North

I'm kidding. Love between old people is beautiful. Old people porn, on the other hand, isn't. At least not to me.

If you frequent our fine little community here, you know our slogan is "we don't judge." And we don't. So, if you're into the old people porn, you'll probably be interested in this article from Time. "Japan's Booming Sex Niche: Elder Porn" begins by profiling Shigeo Tokuda, a 74-year-old Japanese porn star. This old man has done over 350 films in the last decade and a half, and he insists that his wife and daughter still have no idea about any of it!

Apparently "elder porn" is one of the fastest growing genres in Japan's booming porn business. The Shigeo Tokuda series he's just finished work on portrays him as a tactful elderly gentleman who instructs women of different ages in the erotic arts. I'm sure you can guess what his other titles, Maniac Training of Lolitas and Forbidden Elderly Care, are about. 

"People of my age generally have shame so they are very hesitant to show their private parts," Tokuda says, "but I am proud of myself doing something they cannot." Still, he laughs, "That doesn't mean that I can tell them about my old-age pensioner job." 

If I was able to meet this guy, I'd definitely give him a high-five. And then wash my hands.

What about you? Are you down with the old stuff?

[Thanks, Jayson]

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