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Extra, extra: More cities sign up for Madoka screenings

7:00 PM on 11.28.2012 // Salvador G Rodiles

The contract that keeps on signing.

[Update: Aniplex USA has revealed that the Madoka showings are returning to LA.]

Madoka Magica USA has not given up on those contracts, because three more cities are getting a visit from Kyubey. To an extent, it's like Kyubey is collecting your tears, so that he can pick the right candidates for his massive US conversion. And it looks like Raleigh, Birmingham, and Dallas are the ones that are entitled to experience the pain that comes with these showings. 

If Aniplex keeps up with these announcements, then December might be known as the ultimate month of Madoka. Hopefully, the other states will get some showings soon, so that we can have an entire country's worth of Puella Magis.

Future contract makers can take a look at the showtimes in the section after the jump. And if you are still waiting to get picked, then you can keep an eye on Madoka USA's theater listings. In case you missed out on Philly's showing, you can check out the new date in the same section with the new showtimes. 

[image by Langjiao

Raleigh, NC: Raleighwood Cinema Grill

12/18 Tuesday 6:00 PM


Birmingham, AL: The Edge 12

12/20 Thursday 7:00 PM


Dallas, TX: Texas Theater

12/29 Saturday 2:00 PM  


Philadelphia, PA: Cinema 16:9

12/2 Sunday 7:30 PM 


Los Angeles, CA: Downtown Independent

12/7 Friday 3:00 PM

12/7 Friday 7:30 PM

12/9 Sunday 2:30 PM

12/10 Monday 7:00 PM

12/11 Tuesday 4:30 PM

12/12 Wednesday 7:00 PM

12/13 Thursday 4:30 PM

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