Fairy Tail OAD got a trailer, more disgusting fan service

3:00 PM on 12.23.2010
Fairy Tail OAD got a trailer, more disgusting fan service photo

I remember saying before that the Fairy Tail OAD looked like glorious fan service back when it was announced. If you thought it was glorious, check out the trailer, which I've added below the jump, and see how disgustingly glorious it really is.

I know a lot of folks aren't a fan of flicks that look like they contain little to no plot but lots and lots of boobs. I also know that trailers can be misleading. Then again, I don't really care because I already pre-ordered my copy and will be watching this regardless. 

Speaking of pre-orders, if you were on the fence about it, this is the part where I become an enabler and post a link to where you could reserve your copy of the manga with the OAD and a phone charm of Happy eating a fish

Like it's been mentioned before, this silly-looking story isn't completely original; it seems to have been in the manga somewhere before and is now being animated with a few changes. Namely, adding Wendy into the story when she apparently wasn't originally a part of it. I'm really happy about the addition, personally. I'm also happy about the fact that the fan service goes both ways, 'cause you know, boobs are great but I need my boys. 

Thoughts? Concerns? Feeling dirty? Share your reactions in the comments section! 

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