Fashion model names her child after a pirate

Sep 29 // Chris Walden

Hikari Kamikawa, a Japanese fashion model, recently named her newly born son after Portgas D. Ace, a character from the super obscure anime One Piece. Luckily enough for the boy, he only adopted a small part of fire-fist's name, and from now on will be known as Ace. The mother claims that she picked the name due to her love of the One Piece manga. Well, she has good taste in reading material at least!

The Japanese public don't all seem to agree that this was a good idea, claiming that the kanji used in Ace's name are too difficult to read correctly. What's your opinion on naming children after fictional characters? At the end of the day she may not be a model mother, but at least she didn't call him Apple. 


Chris Walden // Associate Editor
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