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Fast food becomes even more mechanized in Japan

7:00 PM on 02.04.2011 // Bob Muir

Yes, there is another weird thing that the Japanese have put in a vending machine. What is it this time you ask? Hamburgers. Seems straightforward enough, if slightly more disgusting than fast food is normally. But there's a twist: the "vending machine" is barely mechanical.

Customers pay ¥100, which falls through to the other side. On that side is a man - the "machine" is connected to a hamburger shop in Tokyo's Katsushika ward - who checks to see that the payment equals ¥100. If it checks out, he places a fresh burger on the slide to be served to the customer who is too lazy to go inside and interact with a human being to get their food.

The experience is further limited by the fact that if you want anything other than a plain burger or want a large quantity of them, you have to go inside the shop and place your order. Still, I applaud the continuing march towards a society where you can get a fancy meal served to you by a robot whenever you want.

[via Japan Probe

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