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Featured Fan Art: Iwamitsu Ryuichi

3:40 PM on 02.07.2010 // Josh Tolentino

Welcome to of Featured Fan Art, the Japanator feature that makes you put off tagging all your images for another day.

This week we highlight the work of the Ryuichi Iwamitsu, otherwise known as "Ryu," otherwise known as "Ryu's Form Site."

As is the case with many illustrators, it can be difficult to extract an identity from the sea of pseudonyms, circle names and mistranslations. And given that Iwamitsu's website seems to have shared the fate of Geocities, his nonprofessional work lives on only in various galleries, the occasional hard-to-find art book, and user image folders.

Iwamitsu's main professional credit is for designing several characters from the sexy wrestling game Rumble Roses, including Dixie, Aisha, and Candy Cane. He's also credited with some design work on the DS game Luminous Arc 2. His striking use of color reminds me of a cleaner, less "busy" form of Shunya Yamashita's work.

Incidentally, Ryu Iwamitsu's style bears passing similarity to that of "Ryu Asagi," a rising star in the world of hot erotic yuri manga. All a coincidence, or all awesome?

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