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Oct 19 // God Len

Are you like me--Joe the otaku--and ever looked at a poster plastered on the side of a building and wondered what it would look like with Lelouch strutting himself all over it? Ever wanted to put your favorite anime character’s face on Superman? Oh God yes you have, we all have; and thanks to the web site PhotoFunia, we can now achieve that dream.

PhotoFunia is a website that allows you to take an image, and place it somewhere within one of their template images. Using face recognition software it does its best to figure out the best way to crop this image and place it within the template seamlessly. This is a great website for those of you who are looking for a quick, yet awesome image; or for those looking for some laughs of Viking proportions. 

So go on now and create some memories, and share them with all of us. For those of you who are lazy, or enjoy my humor, check out the gallery I created using this fantastic tool below. Also, do you know how many giga drills I can buy with 100 spiral dollars?

Photo Gallery:   (you can use your arrow keys)


God Len //
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