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Final episode of Mirai Nikki aired... or did it?

12:00 PM on 04.15.2012 // Chris Walden

Those of you folk watching the psychological thriller Mirai Nikki may be pleased to hear that it's not quite over yet! At the end of the final episode it is announced that something known only as 'Next Project' is currently in the works. No word on what this will be, but lets hope it's a little more than a recap movie!

If you cant wait until then for more diaries from the future you can check out Mirai Nikki - Another:World -, the live-action adaptation which starts this Saturday on the 21st. There are set to be a few differences in this iteration, but they have the very cool Yusuke Watanabe doing the script, who you may recognise from the film adaptations of 20th Century Boys

[via MAL]

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