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Final Fantasy XIII-2 confirmed!

1:00 PM on 01.19.2011 // Crystal White

Alright, alright, so you've seen my rant about the rumored Final Fantasy XIII-2 title. Well, lo and behold, it's no longer a rumor. Yes, Square Enix officially confirmed yesterday that Final Fantasy XIII-2 is indeed a real title and a direct sequel to the original Final Fantasy XIII, much like how X-2 was directly related to X. And the interesting part? It's set to release winter 2011 (in Japan, at least). That soon

I won't bore you again with my fears for the new title, as you can read that in the older post, but I will admit one thing. As much as I hate myself for it, loathe myself in fact, there is one truth I know I cannot hide from my dear community:

I will buy this game.

Yes, it might be atrocious. But, Square Enix might find a good way to rework the mechanics of the game with the same engine (and who knows? They could.) Though I'm such an addict, I know I'll play it either way just to know what happens. Square Enix also stated that they've changed the way the battle system works, and if that makes for less autopilot, then I could be pretty happy with this installment. I really do love the design of Lightning's new armor, though I'm a little sad to see her butt so revealed. It sort of undercuts her whole stoic heroine thing and makes her more of a sex object, but I digress.

Below is a video of the trailer for the game, and it sure does look beautiful. Hurry up and watch this before it inevitably gets taken down! Based on this video, and the announcement, will you be playing this game?

**Edit: The original video was taken down on YouTube, but we now have a great video from our big brother, Destructoid 

[Thanks, Jason!] 

Crystal White,
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